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C.J. Morgan is one of the most authenic Dolly Parton Impersonator/Tribute Artists in the country and is available for Meet & Greets, photo ops, promotions, mini-shows and more. Find out more at
 Where did the name 'Mountain Butterfly' come from??

 It was inspired not only by Dolly's love of butterflies as well as the mountains of East Tennessee (and the song 'Love is Like a Butterfly') but another song that was written for her;

   For Dollywood's 25th Anniversary, employees wanted to do something special for Dolly. Malcolm Link, a popular, longtime performer at Dollywood wrote a beautiful tune for her called 'Little Butterfly,' presenting it at a gathering for employees - and Dolly -  in the Pines Theater. Malcolm's performance was accompanied by a slide presentation on a giant screen with pictures ranging from Dolly's parents to the Sevierville High School Marching Band holding up signs. Visibly surprised and moved, Dolly appeared to be overwhelmed and holding back tears."No one's ever written a song for me before," she told the crowd.

   Malcolm, a talented singer, songwriter and musician, has appeared on virtually every stage at Dollywood in the 20-plus years he has been there,  including the Kinfolks and Dolly's family shows.   More about Malcolm and the song 'Little Butterfly' (available for download) here;
Proceeds from sales of Little Butterfly' will go to Dolly's Imagination Library Foundation

    Mountain Butterfly, is a self-contained, multi-media presentation featuring C.J. Morgan as country music icon and international superstar Dolly Parton.  

    A unique and entertaining show, it features music that Ms. Parton has written and recorded throughout the years, including Coat of Many Colors, I Will Always Love You  and Islands in the Stream, with  performing partners playing Kenny Rogers and the late Porter Wagoner. Ms. Parton's comments and quotes are also incorporated into the often hilarious 90-minute presentation which includes questions from the audience.

    From a tongue-in-cheek pie chart revealing what it's like to be Dolly Parton to the beautiful video footage of the Great Smoky Mountains, the audience is treated to an introspective of a remarkable life. 
    You will come away feeling that you know a little more about East Tennessee, as well as one of its most celebrated daughters. 

    The show utilizes background music tracks, requires set-up time,  and a sound check. Suitable for all audiences. Call for more details.
The Show
Love is like a butterfly,  as soft and gentle as a sigh 
The multicolored moods of love are like its satin wings.... 
Love makes your heart feel strange inside, it flutters like soft wings in flight, 
Love is like a butterfly, a rare and gentle thing 
                                                                    - Love is Like a Butterfly, Dolly Parton
Returning in 2016....